Just Salmon Flies


Probably the best flies you’ll ever use. (Or don’t use, whatever!)


Whether by design, good fortune or accident, you have found the prototype home page of Kenzie Mac.

A site dedicated to providing the discerning Salmon Fly Fisherman, (or woman) with a real alternative to commercially mass-produced Flies.


For over 30 years now, friends, family, colleagues, ghillies and a lucky few fellow fisher folk have sampled these creations.

From the Tay to the Spey here in Scotland, from the Katmai to the Alagnac in Alaska and elsewhere in between, the flies of Kenzie Mac have proven to be irresistible (on occasion) to the remarkable fish that is the Salmon.

The Atlantic or the various Pacific species, it matters not, these wonderful creatures know a quality product when it swims past their nose.


By utilising the best materials currently available and over 30 years of experience, my aim is to offer the highest quality product and a first class secure supply, at a price that is fair.


You are in control; you have complete discretion throughout the service I provide.

Most, if not all, of your requirements will be tied specifically to your order. I keep a nominal stock of popular dressings, but in the main, what is supplied was “born” only days before you receive it, with the guarantee that I myself will have tied it. This is the only true way, in my opinion, to ensure repeatability and a consistently high standard.


You specify the pattern, size, style, hook type, etc. and you will be rewarded with a quality product which has been specifically tailored to suit you. You may not always catch a fish, but I believe that you will have the “Best Dressed ‘Box on your Beat.”


For example, most patterns are available with the following hook choice,

Esmond Drury: Black, Nickel or Gold Trebles

Ken Sawada: Doubles, Singles

Mikael Frodin: Black, Nickel or Gold Doubles


If your desired pattern or style is not shown, let me know, I may be able to add it.

If it is non-standard, something special or a “secret”, it too, may not be a problem.

I am quite prepared to respect what is given to me in confidence.


The following Pattern pages are very much a work in progress, so please feel free to browse and offer suggestions for improvement, comments or criticism (constructive please.) The flies contained within them are typical of the standard which you will receive, and with a full money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?




Last revised: Date 1st March 2009