Just Salmon Flies


 Something Special


Ever hankered for something from a bygone age?

Ever wanted a traditional, fully dressed, built wing salmon fly, your favourite pattern, something for your office desk or wall?


I have, and for a long time I could never find the quality of tying which I wanted. What seemed available wasn’t bad, but was just not good enough, for me at least.

 So I learned to tie these works of art, for my own pleasure to begin with, to push the boundaries of the art, so to speak. But I was soon being asked if I would “do another one, just when you have time, for my Dad, Brother, Husband, etc.”


This “Something Special” page will hopefully give you what you may have been searching for.


I try to use traditional materials where they are still legally available, Bartleet blind hooks and real silk gut for the eye. All flies are framed and named, and come with a certificate of origin from “Just Salmon Flies”


I have no set list of patterns, what you see below are merely a few examples and a listing of what has been produced in the past.


The Baron

Black Dog

Blue Doctor



Durham Ranger

Dusty Miller

Evening Star


Green Highlander

Jock Scott

Lady Amherst

Mar Lodge

Rosy Dawn

Silver Doctor





Purple Mist